POMIDO'R Restaurant features 84-seat panoramic windows around the entire perimeter and features sophisticated details of various themes. For those who prefer to work in restaurants, we have equipped a separate co-working room where you can comfortably sit down, conduct a webinar, live broadcast or other training. The restaurant's menu consists of author's and Mediterranean cuisine.

POMIDO'R's restaurant offers a wide wine list of Kuban wine houses, as well as Italian and Spanish drinks. We value and preserve the traditions of Russian wineries by providing a wide range and wide selection of drinks for each dish. Relaxing atmospheric music immerses you in an atmosphere of comfort and allows you to fully enjoy the food and drinks of POMIDO'R restaurant.

The restaurant and boutique hotel POMIDO'R are separated by a 30-seat summer zone. There is a bar with 7 tables for 28 seats. You can go to the bar in beach clothes and sit comfortably after visiting the pool to relax and enjoy Italian and Mediterranean dishes, as well as fine drinks with them. For the convenience of our guests, we have made two functional entrances to the bar: from the summer veranda and direct access to the outdoor pool for 20 sun loungers with small mini tables for personal belongings.

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